This is a list of all common conditions that may appear in normal game play.

Ability Damaged

Lost points return at the rate of 1/day. Or twice that given a full day’s of rest. The following effects occur when any of the abilities reach 0.

Str: Falls to the ground helpless
Dex: Paralyzed
Con: Dies
Int: Unconscious
Wis: Unconscious
Cha: Unconscious

Ability Drained

The loss is permanent and the points may only be regained through magical means.


The character cannot see and receives the following penalties.

-2 to AC
Loses Dex Bonus to AC
Moves at 1/2 speed
-4 on Search checks and most Str/Dex checks
Automatically fail any checks that rely entirely on sight.
All opponents have total concealment (50% miss chance)

Blown Away

The player is knocked down and rolls 1d4x10 feet (taking 1d4 nonlethal damage for every 10 feet). A flying creature is blown back 2d6x10 feet and takes 2d6 damage due to battering and buffeting.


Grounded creatures are prevented from moving forward and flying creatures are blown back as designated in the effect.


Roll a d% chance at the beginning of the player’s turn.

1-10: attack the caster with a melee or ranged weapon (or close with the caster if unable to attack)
11-20: act normally
21-50: do nothing but babble incoherently
51-70: flee from the caster at top speed
71-100: attack nearest creature (familiars are considered part of self)

If he cannot carry out the designated action, he babbles incoherently. If attacked, he automatically attacks his attacker next round. Does not take AoOs unless he is already devoted to attacking the person who provoked it.


Frozen in fear and can do nothing. Receives the following penalties.

-2 to AC
Loses Dex to AC


Unable to do anything, but takes no penalties to AC.


Unable to see well because of over stimulation to the eyes. Takes the following penalties.

-1 to Attack
-1 to Spot
-1 to Search


The character’s soul leaves his body and cannot benefit from any healing. He decays at a normal rate unless prevented through magical means. Dead characters do not have to worry about any side effects of death (rigor mortis, etc.) when returning back to life.


Cannot hear and takes the following penalties.

-4 on Initiative checks
Automatically fails listen checks
20% failure on spells with verbal components


Has 0 HP or has become stable and conscious. May take either a move or standard action every round (but not both). Moves at half speed. Taking any standard action (or anything deemed strenuous) deals 1 point of damage after the action is complete. Unless the action restored HP, he is now dying.

If on negative HP, he recovers them normally if being helped. If not helped, he has a 10% chance of recovering them every day. Once they gain 1 HP, he recovers them normally.


Unconscious and near death. Unable to take any actions and at the end of every round she has a 10% chance to become stable – otherwise losing 1 HP. Once she reaches -(Con Score), she dies.

Energy Drained

Character gains one or more negative levels. If the subject has at least as many negative levels as HD, he dies. Each negative level gives the following penalties.

-1 on attack rolls
-1 on saving throws
-1 on skill/ability checks
-5 HP
-1 effective level for spells and abilities
-1 spell/slot of highest castable spell level


Caught up by roots and shit. Following penalties apply.

1/2 speed
-2 to attack
-4 to Dex
Must succeed on DC 15+spell level concentration check or lose spell


After 1 hour of complete rest, he merely becomes fatigued. Following penalties:

1/2 speed
-6 to Str and Dex


Entranced by a supernatural spell/effect. Stands or sits quietly and takes no actions other than paying attention to the effect. Following penalties

-4 on all reaction checks (spot, listen, etc.)
Any potential threat (hostile approaching) allows another save
Any obvious threat (drawing weapon) immediately ends effect

An ally may shake him free of the effect as a standard action.


Any effect that will make a fatigued character fatigued makes him exhausted instead. Following penalties apply:

Cannot run or charge
-2 to Str and Dex


Anyone who has not acted in a current combat. Following penalties:

Loses Dex to AC
Cannot make AoOs


Flees from the source of fear as fast as possible. If unable to flee, it may fight. Following penalties:

-2 to attack, saving throw, skill checks, ability checks.
Can use special abilities – and must if this is the only way to flee.


Can only use certain actions. Following penalties:

Does not threaten any squares
Loses Dex to AC against anyone not in the grapple


Completely at an opponent’s mercy. Following penalties:

Effective Dex of 0 (-5 modifier)
Malee attacks have +4
Rogues can sneak attack
Vulnerable to Coup de Grace


Have no physical body.

Immune to all nonmagical attacks
Can be harmed by incorporeal creatures, +1 or better magical weapons, spells, spell-like, and supernatural effects


Visually undetectable.

+2 on attack against sighted opponents
Ignore Dex bonus to AC

Knocked Down

Creatures on the ground are knocked prone. Flying opponents are knocked back 1d6x10 feet.


Unable to attack, cast spells, concentrate on spells, or do anything else that requires attention. Can only take one move action every round.


The character must drop anything it’s holding and run at top speed from the object of its fear (as well as any other dangers). It can’t take any other action.

-2 on saving throws, skill/ability checks
If cornered, it cowers and will not attack (typically using Full Defense action)
Can use special abilities and must if it is the only means to flee.


Frozen in place and unable to move or act. Square acts as difficult terrain.

Effective Dex and Str of 0 (-5 modifier)


Turned to stone and considered unconscious. If broken and the stone is fused together, no damage is taken when returned to flesh. Otherwise, similar damage to the stone is taken by the body.


Held immobile in a grapple.


The character is on the ground and may only use a crossbow or similarly mechanical weapon to make ranged attacks. Standing up is a move action that provokes AoOs. Effects:

-4 to attack with melee attacks
-4 to AC against melee attacks
+4 to AC against ranged attacks


Fear effect. Effects:

-2 to attack, saving throws, skill/ability checks.



-2 to attack, weapon damage, saving throws, skill/ability checks.


No longer dying but still unconscious. If brought stable by another player, he no longer loses HP and has a 10% chance every hour to become conscious and disabled.

If stabilized on his own, he has a 10% chance every hour to become conscious and disabled or he loses 1 HP.


Nonlethal damage is equal to the character’s HP. May only take a single standard or move action.



Drops everything held
Cannot take any actions
-2 to AC
Loses Dex to AC


Knocked out and helpless.


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